REVIEW: The Marriage of Mary Russell by Laurie R King (Mary Russell #13.5)

Series: Mary Russell

Book Number: 13.5

Read this book for: quick read, Sherlock Holmes pastiche, perfect characterizations, intelligent writing, a quick smile

Quick Review: If Sherlock Holmes was to ever get married, this is precisely how it would happen. Even if you aren’t yet a fan of the series, you should read this novella.


Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes embark on an undertaking that proves to be far more adventurous than Russell was expecting – particularly as it is their wedding!

THE MARRIAGE OF MARY RUSSELL is a short e-book published as part of the Mary Russell series. While novella reviews are uncommon on The Crime Review, I felt this one deserved special mention.

The Mary Russell series already has 13 full-length novels to its credit, but this little story actually takes place after book 2 (A MONSTROUS REGIMENT OF WOMEN). If you are interested in reading it in context, the list of pre-reading you have to do is not as daunting as it may appear.

This story is very much what it promises to be: the wedding of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. Of course, with those two characters, it is bound to be more of an adventure than your typical wedding.

That being said, everything about this story is perfect: from the recognizably Russell tone of the writing, to the glimpses into Holmes’ family that not only ring true in the context of the series, but within Holmes canon as a whole.

It’s an amusing little piece, and while not being a real “case” with a mystery or crime to solve, it still left me with an enormous smile on my face. It’s also an interesting character study when it comes to some of the Holmes family history.

THE MARRIAGE OF MARY RUSSELL is well worth a read, as is the entire Russell series. This little piece is a great reminder of why Laurie R King is one of the most respected writers of Holmes, and of why this series is my absolute favourite. Pick up this little ebook for a smile, and you’ll be hooked!

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